Nano Organo Specifics Range
A Collection of Pure Organ-specific Cellular Extracts for Targeted Holistic Rejuvenation

Nano Organo Specifics (NOS) products consist of pure cellular extracts specially procured at their fetal non-antigenic stage. They are produced through a multiple ultrafiltration technology that refines fetal cells into ultrafiltrates of 3 nanometers in size with a molecular weight of less than 10 kilodaltons. These qualities enable fast absorption and incorporation at cellular levels. Each product in NOS range is organ-specific. When used collectively, the range offers comprehensive rejuvenation to the body.

  • Chemical Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Chilled +4°C to +16°C


Organ-specific cellular extracts rich in bioactive molecules such as amino acids, minerals, peptides, and polypeptides

Positive effects

  • Comprehensive tissue renewal and organ function restoration
  • Counter skin degeneration

Method of Application

Sublingual, oral, and topical. For the aesthetic line, apply directly to skin and rub until it is fully absorbed. Sublingual and oral dosage is subject to a healthcare professional’s recommendation.


5 vials x 2.5ml (1200mg) for all available organ types, excluding the pineal gland
10 vials x 2.5ml (1200mg) for all available organ types, excluding the pineal gland
5 vials or 10 vials x 1.0ml (1200mg) for the pineal gland
Each pack consists of one organ-type only

01 NOS Skincare Range
Skin targeting cellular extracts for physical aesthetic
1 Skin (Topical)
2 Mesenchyme (Topical)
3 Placenta (Topical)
4 Skin-Placenta-Mesenchyme-Collagen (Topical)
5 Skin-Collagen-Elastin (Topical)
02 NOS Comprehensive Wellness Range
Specific biomolecular extracts from various organs
1 Skin (Topical) 16 Peripheral Muscle 33 Gingiva
2 Mesenchyme (Topical) 17 Kidney 34 Bone Marrow
3 Placenta (Topical) 18 Liver 35 Blood
4 Skin-Placenta-Mesenchyme-Collagen (Topical) 19 Adrenal Cortex – Male Specific 36 Spinal Cord
5 Skin-Collagen-Elastin (Topical) 20 Adrenal Cortex – Female Specific 37 Heart (Cardio Myoblast)
4 Skin-Placenta-Mesenchyme-Collagen (Topical) 21 Smooth Muscle 38 Eye
5 Skin-Collagen-Elastin (Topical) 22 Stomach 39 Intestine
6 Male Revitalisation 23 Parasympathicus of Autonomous NS 40 Colon
7 Female Revitalisation 24 Prostate 41 Super Transfer Factor
8 LPPSIM 25 Pituitary 42 Thyroid
9 Thymus 26 Hypothalamus 43 Auditory System
10 Immune 27 CNS 44 Spleen
11 Placenta – Male Specific 28 Pancreas 45 Fetal Totale
12 Placenta – Female Specific 29 Bone 46 Artery
13 Lymph Nodes 30 Cartilage & Synovia 47 Pineal gland**
14 Ovary 31 Lungs
15 Testis 32 Lung-Stomach-Intestine